Essay about I Am Applying For The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

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One Life and a World to Learn I am applying for the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship to help make my dream of traveling to Japan - a country that I have always admired - a reality. My personal background story includes being born into a mixed culture of two races: my mother is American and my father is from India. Predominantly, I have been raised by only my mother because my father had and continues to have a drug problem. Despite this challenge, I have been immersed in both cultures by attending several Indian rituals and parties with my grandparents and attending American schools, thus I have gained a unique perspective of respecting and integrating different cultures in life. Concerning my education before college, I attended public schools in a small, conservative town in Tennessee. Growing up, I always wanted to help people and I soon began to enjoy my medical health classes. This basis is what drove my decision to pursue a field in medicine by becoming a medical doctor. I also became inspired by many Japanese arts. By reading Japanese works and poems and watching the films and television shows, I learned that Japanese people are distinctively different from Americans because of their high respect to values, the elderly, and nature; thus, their culture continues to fascinate me. Therefore, I wanted to come to an open-minded college that accepts students of diverse cultures and viewpoints, but also a college that was affordable considering my low-income family budget.…

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