How Technology Is Linked With The Philosophy Of Learning Essay

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According to Merriam Webster Dictionary (1828), learning is defined as the attainment of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught. Generally, people define learning as what we learn as a result of things that happen to us. For example, we learned not to tell lies because we can get in trouble, we learned that thunder comes after lightning, and we learned to cook from watching the steps demonstrated to us. Proof that we have actually learned these things come from acquired apposite reactions to them. We try to prevent telling lies, when lightning strikes, we protect our ears, and we cook. Learning is obtaining relatively lasting modification in behavior through experience. We go through things and learn to change our activities based on what we know (Fouts, 2000). However, what happens when technology is linked with the philosophy of learning? Technology contributes to the achievement of new skills by creating more bona fide learning environments.

Learning and the Integration of Technology

As times have progressed, we have transitioned into a technical society. Practically all parts of civilization have been impacted by technology in some manner. The reality is that nearly all sectors of humanity have changed significantly by information technologies, and the fact that they will keep changing as the world continues to progress cannot be overlooked. As a result, schools have got to take part in these incessant changes and understand that the…

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