How Computer Affects a Student's Reading Habit Essay

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Chapter 1
The Problem
Background of the Study People are very thankful for this digital age. It has contributed a lot in everyday activities. Specifically it gave a big leap to businesses, the government, and education. According to Albert Einstein, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology exceeded our humanity.” Humans nowadays have learned to become dependent on the technology available today. A research by the Asian Institute stated that Filipino schoolchildren are computer literate as almost three-fourths (74%) have access to the Internet.
In the same research it is stated; since the emergence of internet in our computers, media dominate activities of students and youth—from play to leisure, family relations to
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In an article published in Middle School Journal, Jackson (2009) described the need for middle school students to be able to use the Internet to gather and synthesize information relevant to learning. However, while the Internet can speed students’ access to varying sources of information, it may also present new challenges to learning. While Liwag (2007) claimed that exposure to imagery in electronic technologies might have contributed to the selective increases in non-verbal intelligence scores during the past century.
In a research by L. Brent Lgo, Roger A. Bruning and Paul J. Riccomini (2009) they did the following, Each of 15 MSSLD were assigned to take notes in three ways (type, paste, and write) from an Internet source. Immediate and delayed measures of learning indicated that students could recall little of the information they had noted, irrespective of note-taking style. Follow-up interviews with the students revealed more enlightening data. The students described typing notes as an especially unnerving task, attributing it to a troubling degree of anxiety. They described attempting to monitor spelling and searching the keyboard for the appropriate letter keys while typing notes. Further, an analysis of students’ notes showed that when students wrote or typed their notes, they did so in verbatim fashion, which has been linked to shallow mental processing. When the students attempted to type

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