Essay on History And Philosophy Of Psychology

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Through studying the history of Psychology one can build a higher

level of understanding on the How and Why various psychological disciplines

have developed. It can also cultivate the ability to think critically and

articulate the mythology and tenets of founding fathers’ theories, as well as

each founding father as an individual. Introductory level courses will frame

the entire curriculum on a “Great Man” and “Ceremonial” approach when

discussing the history of psychology. The focus is to grab student’s attentions,

intrigue their interest, and begin the thinking progress. It is not until students

achieve a more advance course level, where they then learn the true

perspective behind the development of psychology. This is not to say

introductory level courses are deceiving those participating, but rather, to

demonstrate that this paradox is taking place.

In terms of psychology being scientific the “conventional” view for

teaching a science course is through facts, technical skills, and obtaining the

correct attitude towards methodology (Brush, 1974). Students must stay true

to the standards of impartiality, logic, and verification of hypotheses, while

refraining from speculating on new or unexplained events in a way that is

mystical or theological (Brush, 1974). Scientist and Psychologist must always

obey the following: to be honest, to observe, to record, and to publish results

for the purpose of replication. Any student that does…

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