High School, I Switched School Essay

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During high school, I switched schools. My school had its own way of doing things, as did the new school I moved to. One of which was the side of the stairs and hallways it was acceptable to walk on. At my previous school the norm (a rule or guideline regarding what kinds of behavior are acceptable within a culture) was to walk on the left, but at my new school everyone walked on the right. I learned this the hard way when I started walking up the stairs on the left side. I was violating a folkway of the group and they were noticeably not happy about it. The students at my old school were a part of a primary group (the people who are most important to one’s sense of self). I was extremely close to them and valued their input on many different things. For most of the students, our interactions were not limited to only school. My fellow classmates in the hallways and stairwells at my new school were a secondary group (groups where members’ relationships are usually organized around a specific goal and are often temporary) because I only met with them for academic purposes and interactions were most of the time impersonal.
At the time, the students at my new school were an out-group (a group an individual feels opposition, rivalry, or hostility toward), as opposed to an in-group (a group that one identifies with and feels loyalty toward). Since I was so new, I did not feel like a part of the group so therefore felt no loyalty to them. I felt like a bit of an outsider…

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