Harvard School For A Christian Life Essay

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Harvard School was designed to lead students toward a Christian life. Educational procedures were based on Christian principles. Student required reading the scripture daily. Students that attended this school included John Adams and John Haddock both of which signed the declaration of independence. The school motto was know God and Jesus eternally and make Christ and the church the glory of your life.
Yale Yale required students to live a religious life and study the word. Lewis Morris was a graduate of the college, he was one of the signers of the declaration. William Livingston is also a graduate; he was one of the signers of the constitution. Zephaniah was also a graduate and he was the author of a law dictionary.

Princeton William Bradford was a graduate of Princeton, he was the attorney general for George Washington. John Witherspoon personally trained students are required them to worship and assigned work that included biblical education. Founded schools form women and African Americans and trained them in academics along with Ben rush and Franklin.

1642 Old Deluder Satan Act Focused on challenging people’s desire to keep all men from gaining the knowledge of the scripture. This act required public schools to be placed in all communities. They also ensured that everyone received a sound education based on the word of God.

1787 Northwest Ordinance A law passed by the fathers of the first amendment, ironically it now serves at the same…

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