Graduation Speech : School And The Surrounding Areas Of The School

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This past semester I was placed in a kindergarten class with twenty one students. I was required to have 25 hours of observation. Through my visits at this school I learned a lot about how the classroom was laid out, how the teacher interacted with the students as well as how the students interacted with other students. Throughout the following pages I will discuss my data including demographics. This will include student demographics and teacher demographics. I will also discuss the physical description of the school and the surrounding areas of the school. I will also talk about observations that I made as well as interviews that I had with the classroom teacher and a few other employees. I will state the schools mission statement and explain how I see it presented through my observations. Lastly I will tie in all my data that I have collected with things that I have learned within my EDF class. The first day of my observation I noticed that the classroom that I was placed in was predominantly African Americans. It was a classroom of twenty one students and fourteen were African American, five were white and three were Mexican. In my opinion I did not think that the color of the students’ skin affected how they interacted with each other. The teacher of the classroom was also African American. She did not treat any student differently because of the color of their skin. There were also several days that I went and ate lunch in the cafeteria. While walking in the hallways…

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