Graduation Speech On School And After School Jobs Essays

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School is a wonderful place where students can gain knowledge about multifarious subjects. School is also a center of their lives due to the time they spent there. With school as a core in the life of a teenager, we have on the other hand, jobs which have the same level of importance as a school. Despite after school jobs are not well appreciated, they fulfil some needs for a student and help the student in a regular basis in the same way as a school. Indeed, after school jobs are good for teenagers. After school jobs could appear as a continuation of school in the way it sharpens the skills that we learn at school. School brings knowledge, but the job makes it concrete. We see a correlation among school and after school jobs. Teenagers could learn many things, but if they do not apply it in the sector that this knowledge is intended, teenagers will somehow forget that skill and will not see the value of that skill in the society. For instance, a student who studies government at school could work in the government to see how the legislation works and be active in the community by helping the implementation of any law to make our community better.
However, some could say that having an after school job could be a distraction for teenagers in a way they could lose focus. “Teenagers” do not mean mature, but could mean careless, forgetful, inattentive. Consequently, allowing teenagers to have after school jobs will make them likely to be absent-minded in their studies. If…

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