Essay on Graduation Speech : Education And Education

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Ever since formal education became more than teaching kids how to read and write, a particular issue started to become more and more evident: English, mathematics and the sciences are more valued in schools than artistic abilities and disciplines like music and art, just to name a few. Kids are forced to study the core academic subjects well past the basic level, while the arts are completely neglected after middle school, and in some cases, elementary school. Only when both, creative and academic subjects are taught in balance, will students receive a wholesome education they deserve.
Historically, reading and writing have always been a priority in schools. If a family had sufficient funds to teach a child, they first focused on teaching him or her reading and writing. As time went on, families had more opportunities to educate their kids: math and science become more prominent in schools. In our time, students are able to learn even more than that; reading and writing are no longer the only desired skills. A modern student learns a lot more in school, than students, even thirty or forty years ago. The progress in the sciences, engineering and health care now allows students to have bigger dreams and aspirations when it comes to potential careers. Schools now have the ability to teach students more in many different fields, and yet the arts, which provide the basis for many careers in architecture, industrial design, graphic design, as well as the entertainment industries,…

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