General Magnus And The United States Essay

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General Magnus sat in his CP by himself; he had asked his staff to leave after the meeting he had with the Staff Sergeant and two other Marines that had returned from the coast. This was the first time he had second guessed whether or not they would be successful. He knew there was no present way they could fight an aircraft carrier, even one, and a battleship. He knew that he had to stay out of flight and gun range of the two ships.
A runner arrived from Third Brigade with a message from its commander that wasn’t good news. A large enemy force from the west had hit them hard in the flank; it was a miracle that the flank hadn’t collapsed. However, he had to shift forces to cover the hole in the line the enemy had created, before they could exploit it. This left his line thinner in other areas and it was only a matter of time before enemy forces would break through. The runner even told General Magnus it was entirely possible it had happened while he was gone. General Magnus asked if they knew the identity of the enemy forces, and the runner merely replied, “Marines.” Damn, General Magnus thought, he knew they had to have come from the ships off the coast, but how many? With Third and Second Brigade out of the way, it was wide open for the enemy to drive into his own flank. Third Brigade had almost twenty-five hundred men and women, but the General knew they were under attack by the 184th Infantry Regiment and were barely holding their own against them. Then to…

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