Functions Of Computer Hardware Components Essay

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Introduction 2
Computer Hardware Components 3
• CPU 3
• Motherboards 3
• Memory/storage 3
• Cooling 4
• RAID 4
• BIOS 4
Purpose of operating systems 5
Compare the features and functions of different OS systems 5
• Linux 5
• Microsoft 5
• Apple 5
References 6

Introduction: On this assignment I had to first explain the function of computer hardware components by giving their definition and writing detail about with illustrated examples. I then had to explain what an operating system was and why we need them in our computers, plus adding manufactures and examples. Finally I had to compare at least 2 operating system manufacturers or the operating systems themselves and say the disadvantages and advantages for each manufacturer and operating system.
Computer Hardware Components

• CPU: The CPU is one of the most important components needed to make a good computer. The better CPU processor you have the faster your computer will run at, for example an Intel dual core i3 is faster than a standard i3 core processor. The CPU is made up of three parts, the CU (control unit), the ALU (arithmetic logic unit) and the registers, each have an important part to play when it comes to running the computer. The registers order the data that comes into the CPU and the sends it to the CU were it is sorted to where it needs to go inside the computer and the mathematical problems or mathematical things (using binary) go to the ALU where they can be solved and then sent back to the…

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