Essay on Franklin Roosevelt 's New Deal

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The Great Depression, it was the deepest, longest and wide range depression of the 20th century. It started at 1929 and it lasted for ten years, it end up at 1939. In October 24th, 1929, the big stock market crash in New York, it became a blasting fuse of the great depression. After the stock market crash, the banks were close, production decline, factories closures, industries failed, unemployment rate were high, people lost their jobs, and lot of Americans were living below a minimum subsidence level. Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933, “he acted swiftly to try and stabilize the economy and provide jobs and relief to those who were suffering. Over the next eight years, the government instituted a series of experimental projects and programs, known collectively as the New Deal”(history, n.d), it represents Franklin Roosevelt promoted New Deal to help US economy to become better, he wanted New Deal changed people’s life. The New Deal also helped the capitalist countries on the control of macroeconomic and management even stronger. New Deal to help the United States out of the economic crisis, and helped the United States back to prosperity and development.
After the World War I (WWI), the whole economy has entered a relatively stable period of development. During 1922-1929, the US economy was in boom, natural resource was abundant, industrial and physiography production were increase, technology and labor productivity improve as well, expand consumption and foreign…

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