Franklin D. Roosevelt And The New Deal Essay

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During the 20th century (1929), the United States was hit with a huge Stock Market crash and this basically started events that would drag the US into a large depression. President Herbert Hoover was the unlucky president to have been in power when the crash took launch . Hoover believed the cause of this depression was international, and he solely believed that restoring the gold standard would drag the US out of depression by restoring international trade. He initiated many domestic works programs aimed at creating new jobs, but it seemed to have had no effect as the unemployment rate continued to rise more and more. During the election of 1932, the Democrats chose Franklin D. Roosevelt as their candidate for president against Hoover. Roosevelt was easily elected mostly because of his platform "The New Deal". This new campaign platform was never fully explained by Roosevelt before the election, but it was shown to the American people as something unique and different, different from anything Hoover was ever doing to improve problems. Roosevelt response to the Depression served as a solution to some of the employment problems. Roosevelt also, during his presidency, changed the role of the government, but did not succeed in returning the US economy to those of the 1920 's. FDR’s administration, in large tried to solve some of the problems of the Great Depression.
Preceeding to FDR’s inauguration on March 4, 1933, the nation faced a depression, but the first hundred days of…

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