Essay on Founding Fathers

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Professor Anderson

Back in the eighteenth century America was drastically different than what it is today. Then, Americans would have to build their own houses, raise cattle, sow seeds, make their own clothing just to sustain themselves; let alone the people around them. Now, we go into the nearest department store for our clothes, grocery store for food, and call a real estate agent to buy a new home. If America’s founding fathers were to travel in time to the present day, I think that they would be proud of our country’s ingenuity with how far we advanced ourselves in a couple hundred years, and our diversity. However, I also think that they would be disappointed in the way we interpret our rights, and rapid degeneration
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America currently and is growing to be one of the most diverse countries in the world. According to The Economist, 6.6% of Americans are foreign born, beating Russia with 3.5% (“Welcome”). Diversity is no longer just about race or religious belief, it is now also about sexual orientation. With 17 states allowing for legal gay marriage we are now opening up for a new group of people to really immerse themselves into our American culture. Sadly, not everything can be an achievement. Now the way we interpret our laws allow for federal and state law to slowly cut out our basic human rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness. We are given the freedom of speech, however if we say something that slanders the name of the presidents daughters we may lose our jobs. We are given the right to bear arms, but because there are so many people that are shooting up schools or taking hostages; the government is slowly trying to create sanctions that will make it impossible for future generations to have them. We have the freedom of a speedy and fair trial, yet when there is undeniable proof of a homicide committed by an officer on video, that officer still isn’t indicted. The majority of our prison systems are filled with people on drug related crimes, yet there are no room for murderers

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