Food Diary For The Day Essay

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On July 24th, I kept a food diary for the day. After I looked at my results, it was not the best. Since it was on the weekend, it usually means no breakfast. During the weekends, my family never really eats breakfast, anyone who is hungry will eat ramen, cup noodles, or fried eggs with rice. During lunch, which was around 12 o’clock, I consumed about 1 cup white rice, 1 cup bamboo fried with sliced pork, ¼ boiled fish with cilantro and other ingredients, and 8 FL oz. of water. Dinner was ready around 6 o’clock and I ate roughly ½ cup white rice, 8 FL oz. water, ⅓ cup of boiled tofu with chicken, and reheat ⅓ fried bamboo from lunch.
Growing up in poverty, desserts were not served for breakfast, lunch, or supper. Cakes and big packs of sodas were only eaten on special occasions only. However, cookies, other sweet drinks as well as candies are something that my mom always tried to buy. My mom would cook one or two types of food and set up the table. Anyone can help themselves with as many servings as they want. Sometimes, she would even tell us to get more servings if we did not get enough food and would constantly ask if we have eaten or not. In the past, when my parents would still receive around $1000 Food Stamp each month, food has been always in the refrigerator, or there are always eggs and noodles if anyone is hungry. The Food Stamp was cut down when my older brother, who is now in his early twenties, turned 18 as well as me. My dad also got a job, so Food Stamp was…

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