Essay about Film Analysis : The Present Day

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In the present day, film is one of the foremost media forms in the world with nearly all cultures being represented. Film is the product of many different media forms combined into one including photography, painting, music, and sculpture just to name a few. Given that, there is art if film, but an ongoing debate questions whether film itself can be conceived as an art form at all. All films at their bare minimum are photographic images being shown in a rapid succession to give the appearance of movement. André Bazin believes that photography holds a place in the category of the 'plastic arts ' along with paintings, and sculptures, in that photography is an art form. On the other hand, there are others like Roger Scruton who are confident that photography is not and cannot be categorized as a representational art. In André Bazin 's essay The Ontology of the Photographic Image, he writes of how photography is the newest method of preserving life or at least memory. The form of the preservation of life prior to photography he says dates back to the ancient Egyptians and their mummification processes. Succeeding mummification as the best way to preserve the memory of life was that of sculptures and paintings, Bazin writes “the process (of mummification) might reveal that at the origin of painting and sculpture there lies a mummy complex” (Bazin 90). Bazin calls these processes, the “plastic arts;” people and events frozen in time to preserve their memory. While the…

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