Fdr 's New Deal : A Group Of Programs Created By President Franklin Roosevelt

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FDR’S New Deal The New Deal was a group of programs created by President Franklin Roosevelt. The programs were created due to the Great Depression and the economy not being stable. The New Deal focused on what was called the 3 Rs; relief, recovery, and reform. Relief for the poor and people without jobs, recovery to get the economy back to normal, and reform to keep another depression from happening. The New Deal was broke into two groups, the First New Deal and the Second New Deal. The First New Deal covered the banking crisis through the Emergency Banking Act, the Banking Act of 1933, and the Securities Act of 1933. The Second New Deal includes the Social Security Act, the Farm Security Administration, and the Fair Labor Standard Act. Many of the programs created still exist today, although they have been modified over the years. The Social Security Act was created in 1935 and provided help to the elderly and handicapped. It was used to prevent “dangers” such as old age, poverty, unemployment, and burdens on widows and their children. The act gave benefits to retirees and the unemployed and a single payment benefit at death. The act also gave money to states to help the elderly, for unemployment insurance, aid to families with dependent children, maternal and child welfare, public health services, and the blind. In 1939 two new categories of beneficiaries were added; spouse and minor children of a retired worker. The act also led to social security numbers being given to…

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