Father 's Day Is The Day For Sending Cards And Gifts Essay example

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Father 's Day is the day for sending cards and gifts to dads, husbands, grandfathers, godfathers, and all the important "just like a Dad" men in the world. This is the time to say thanks for all the support and love that you give to the family throughout the year, as the bible commands us to do in Ephesians 6:2. We know our earthly fathers are only here for a season and specific reason. They usually try their very best, despite their limitations to meet our needs, soothe our hurts, comfort and provide for us, and we should honor them, respect them, and show them in a tangible way how much we appreciate them.
If they are no longer with you in your life, cherish the good memories and forgive the hurtful ones, because they are simply men who may have tried their best, and at times came up short. But your heavenly father will "never leave you, or forsake you" and will carry you all the way to the finish line of your life.
On this Father 's Day we offer these words of tribute; and since the backdrop is in the Church, the focus will be with “Christian Fatherhood” by honoring The Best Fathers in the Bible. Those fathers are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, King David, Joseph, and God, The Father. We honor all of you, and all the great deeds you represented as we follow the example of your faith.

So, what was it that God liked about “The Best Father’s in the Bible”? Let’s start with…..

ADAM - The First Man

As the first man and first human father, Adam had…

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