Evolution of the Running Shoe Essay example

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Evolution of the running shoe: evidence & opinion
Forty years ago there was only one running shoe designed for long distance running. It was a black canvas shoe shaped like a track spike shoe with a gum rubber outsole and
Converse was the manufacturer. Now there is a veritable plethora of running shoes to choose from.
Ten years ago I wrote an article highlighting the fact that despite the progression of research and development and improvements of the modern running shoe, there was no change in the frequency and type of running injuries between 1967 and 1997. In 2006, there continues to be a similar frequency and type of running injuries that there were in
1967. This observation suggests that the modern running shoe has little
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When the patient switched to a shoe without a heel flare, she was able to alleviate the shin pain.
Retrospective studies are important but prospective studies are more convincing, and there are no prospective studies demonstrating that selecting a particular running shoe design decreases the incidence of developing an injury. .
Defective shoes:
When shopping, examine the shoes closely looking for differences between the right and left shoe. The shoes should be symmetrical. Place the shoes on level surface and check orientation and alignment. Lightly tap each shoe to create a rocking motion. The tap

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should result in a similar rocking motion. If the rocking motion is asymmetrical, it suggests that one shoe is deformed relative to the other. Push and poke the air bladders and mid soles. Look for extra bits of glue or stitching. Tug on the seam between the upper and the sole to see if it separates. Once purchased, this type of examination should be done periodically to determine if the shoes should be retired.
Recently I evaluated an injured runner’s shoes. Both the right and left shoe were marked a size 9, but when the soles were matched up it was obvious one was at least a 1/8” longer than the other. Fortunately, one of the things that has changed in the

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