`` Everyday Use `` By Alice Walker Essay

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For this paper I wanted to reflect on the knowledge that I have attained while in this course and share a few of the reading that I have enjoyed. With each topic more complex than the other, I am able to broaden my intellect in literature. The topics that I have chosen to add to my paper are marginalized writing, postmodernism, modernism, the elements of poetry and realism. The stories I will focus on are: “Editha”, “Mother to Son”, “Everyday Use”, “Entropy” and “The Love Story of J. Alfred Prufrock”.
In “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is a story about tension among two sisters and their mother working to bring them together. The marginalized elements of oppression, tradition and cultural tensions. The oppression in the story is how Dee treats her sister Maggie. She treats as though she is an imbecile. Dee wanted to take quilts from the home and felt that she would take better care of them than Maggie. Mama told her that the quilts were for day use as a tradition to the family. Mama taught Maggie to make quilts as she had been taught, continuing the oral tradition and passing it to the future generations. This is also important with Dee’s name, as Mama shares that she has the name of her grandmother and also from her mother. She is altering her identity and relinquishing herself from tradition by changing her name.…

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