Elementary Schools Vs. Public Schools Essay

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Willard Elementary is a Title 1 school that consists of around 72% free and reduced meal program students. Our school provides education for preschool, kindergarten through fifth, two functional life skill programs and a resource program. The staff at Willard also provides before school, lunch, and after school tutoring for students. The mission of Willard Elementary, “where students come first, is to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success” (“Willard Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook”, 2014). The vision of Willard is learners leading in a culture of excellence. The school is lead by one administrator who is the principal, and the school serves 220 students.
Willard is located in the center of town, however Natrona County School District provides families school of choice. School of choice means that students and families can choose their preferred school anywhere in the district and transportation will be provided. There are twenty-four public elementary schools and five private schools to choose from in the district all providing different philosophies that best meet the family and student needs. Natrona County School District serves 11, 500 students, preschool through 12th grade (“NatronaCountySchools”).
The functional life skill programs support students who have been diagnosed with a severe disability. Students who are unable to be satisfactorily educated in the general environment for the entire school…

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