Essay about El Camino Middle School Is A Great School

1016 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
DCP El Camino Middle school is a great school that believes every student has the potential to succeed. The administration and teachers do their best to ensure that the students get the best education possible. Since the first day I visited DCP, I saw plenty of potential in the students and a strong sense of community, which is something I have not seen in other schools. As a future professor, I want to work in schools where there is a sense of strong community. DCP has also reinforced the idea of working with my gente, the Latino community. As a future professor, not only I will be teaching students about the Spanish culture, language and literature, but I will prepare them for college and to make this society a better place for all.
I was impressed with the courage of the students who volunteered to share their experience at DCP. I saw a sense of a strong community. In other words, the majority of the students said that they see each other as brothers and sisters, making them one community. For instance, Kailey is in seven grade and she said that “If someone goes down, the whole class or school goes down too.” I noticed that Kailey said that particular sentence with plenty of pride. Also, there was plenty of encouragement from each other. For instance, when Diego (2) said that he did not have any strengths, his peers encouraged and assisted him to find strengths. With the help of his peers, Diego shared that his strengths were sports. By supporting each other, the…

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