Educational Philosophy : The Task Of Working With Our Future Essay

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Educational Philosophy

The task of working with our future is one I have embraced and have taken to heart. My beliefs about education have changed and developed during my seven years as an educator, with old ideas being challenged and new ones created. Education is my passion. It is a tool I have used to change not only my world, but the lives of the students I’ve come in contact with.
My educational philosophy embraces my beliefs that every child can learn, when all stakeholders work together to narrow the opportunity gap. Student who are placed in an environment, which embraces the ideas of teaching the whole child, fostering their developmental, educational, and social needs, have a better opportunity to be successful.
Regardless of where my students come from or the various challenges they face. All have the ability to learn. Despite the trials, setbacks, and frustrations we as educators experience daily, it is always my duty to ensure that every child receives an education that is individualized and meets their learning needs. Teaching the whole child is my charge and fulfilling such a task at times seems impossible. Some tasks might require me to dig deep; looking outside of any book. This means as an educator I need to leave my comfort zone and dig into areas of my students’ lives to better understand their individual requirements to achieve success. I look at their backgrounds, cultures, and experiences as keys to opening their minds to a positive…

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