Essay on Educational Developments Of The 21st Century

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1. Other than those mentioned in this chapter, what additional recent educational developments seem particularly important to you? Why are they important?
There are several recent educational developments that are particularly important to me (many of these changes are the results of the first decade of the 21st century). The first major recent educational development is the continuing integration of technology in the classroom. Even though the internet and computers were around in the later part of the 20th century, not much was known about these machines in terms of the knowledge of the general public.
It wasn’t until the 21st century, when all of these machines were able to be put to good use. Several new styles of educating students have been on the rise with these increases in technology such as self-regulated learning through interactive lectures that can be paused and rewound (such as the Khan Academy), and learning through discovery. All kinds of research has been promoted since online databases exist where the information is literally a fingertip away.
This breakthrough is important to me, because it signals a change from traditional teaching techniques. The fact that we have change occurring on a daily basis with technology, allows us teachers to become more creative in the classroom.
Another recent educational development that is particularly important to me is the increases in the amount of work required to become a licensed teacher. This recent innovation of…

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