Education : Cracking Down On Education Essay

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Cracking Down on Education There have been numerous heated controversies about what should be taught as well as how it should be taught in regards of educational standards in the grades K-12. It seems as if education is getting worse which has caused all of the arguments whether the education system today should change. Therefore, the big question is should today’s education be changed? Absolutely, today’s education gets more vague every year and it gets useless as well. Countless ideas have been implemented to improve the educational system, but it continues to fail due to overcrowded classrooms, wasteful use of funding, and low quality teachers. These issues restrict our children from receiving what they need to success. Overcrowded classrooms have a major effect on the educational system that hinders children from receiving an education. Education is a vital link in our society today. Without the proper knowledge or education we will not survive. Teachers in overcrowded classes are unable to give student individual attention that is needed. “An analysis just out from Georgetown 's Edunomics Lab argues that boosting class size for great teachers would save money that could then be funneled into bonuses for those educators taking on a larger load” (Joseph 1). This causes the struggling students to fall even further behind and good teachers to become overwhelmed and frustrated. As classes fill up, the overload of work is usually increased for the teachers. Students become…

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