Education And Its Impact On Education Essay

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There is this common perception that education is what makes people successful. It is understood by most persons that you go through school, obtain your degrees, then obtain a sophisticated job that you were trained in school for. However, in my point of view education is not necessarily what gets you that job that you obtain. Education is seen as a guide for people to know where to go in life. I feel like coming from two different countries, which have different educational systems gave me two different views about education. Ghana is not as developed as America and so their educational system is not as developed in some places, especially in the villages. One of the transformative educational experiences that continue to shape me up-in the sense that it allowed me not to take things for granted- is going form America where everything is at your disposal to Ghana where there are limited resources. Visiting one of the public schools in Ghana was one of the most eye opening opportunities that I ever received. It showed me that education is vital, and some people are not as fortunate as I am to be having a good educational experience.
When I visited Ghana, I had not been there for seven years. I had the opportunity to visit one of the public schools and It allowed me to see the major difference between having an educational experience in Ghana and one in America. The recourses were one of the major issues that students were facing in their schools. There was lack of story…

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