Education and Emerson Essay

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1. In this essay, Ralph Waldo Emerson describes his view of an ideal education. What are its defining characteristics?
I believe his defining characteristics on his view of an ideal education would have to include the motherly guidance way of education, the teachers working on each student individually and the teachers inspiring the students to think for themselves by giving them encouragement for their thoughts.
2. In what ways is Emerson’s advice appropriate to a child’s first teacher – his or her parents?
Some ways Emerson’s advice is appropriate to a child’s first teacher and his/her parents is the advice of motherly guidance or a guiding hand. A hand that does not punish harshly, rather a hand that encourages a child to do things,
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3. Paragraph 4 is taken up almost entirely by an extended example. What is Emerson’s purpose in developing this long explanation?
Emerson tries to make a point of how to learn and what it means to be educated and so to do this he makes an example of his friend Sir Charles Fellow. Charles is a great example because his story tells the readers of what he accomplished, how he accomplished it, and what he achieved.
4. Identify at least five examples of figurative language that Emerson uses to advance his argument, and explain their effect. In responding, consider the following from paragraph 11: “Alas for the cripple Practice when it seeks to come up with the bird Theory, which flies before it.”
Para.4 last line “Always genius seeks genius… lend it aid to perfect itself”, Para.9 ‘Tis so in every art… dealing out his treasures, Para.11 “his patience could see… end of hundred years”. These 3 examples explain exactly how Emerson felt about how education, learning and teaching occur and they tell of what is necessary for a person who wants to learn; which is patience. Things will come to you in time. Para. 13 “Now the correction… adopt the pace of Nature” Para.13 “ He has a secret… give him time and opportunity”. These also are good examples that help show that patience is important in learning and growing.
5. What exactly is the “natural method” to which Emerson refers (para.8)?
The natural method Emerson probably refers

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