Diversity Day Essays

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Stereotypical Diversity

While watching the oh so popular TV series “the office”The Office specifically the episode “Ddiversity Dday,”, I came to realize how big of a deal racism is. I believe that racism is an absolutely pointless objective, which many people live by. As the famous Michael Scott, who tries to solve problems, but eventually ends up making them ten times worse as they were to begin with, undergoes a Chris rock routine and has an African American male coincidently named Mr. Black come and try to teach about diversity. This doesn’t work out of course, because Michael thinks he knows more about it thaen Mr. Black, so Michael decides to take it upon himself. To try and show everyone about diversity, he does this activity
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It seemed as if it was impossible for them to just act normal to the person of another race or ethnicity they were trying to guess. When they would go up and try to describe the tag, but not give it away, they sounded as if they were just using stereotypical gestures. For example, when Dwight went up to Pam, who had a tag which read Jewish, he started off by saying Shalom. Not hello or how are you or anything as simple as that. He proceeded to say, “can I get a loan.” I didn’t catch onto this one at first, but then I put a little thought into it and realized what he was inferring. Jewish people are supposedly very stingy, which is why they are so rich, so by saying “can I get a loan,”, he was inferring that because she was Jewish, she must be rich. The same theory applies for the girl who had the tag which Jamaican written on it, the people who were going up to her thought it was necessary to talk like a Jamaican and use words such as hey moon, and other stereotypical gestures. The final item in which I analyzed was the targeted group in which this show was aimed at. There wasn’t a specific group, but many in which were the target. I realized that there wasn’t even a tag for a white person. This shows that Michael may be racist against other races, excluding himself. I also found it rather funny, but ironic at the same time that he saved the tag Martin Luther King, Jr. for himself. This cCleary shows that he

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