`` Diversity Day `` By Michael Scott Essay

1535 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
According to Middleton, one of Michael Scott’s greatest comic character flaws are, “…His misunderstanding of workplace diversity issues. The show frequently uses Michael to satirize the “political correctness” (or lack of substance) in corporate “sensitivity” training. Michael will attempt to employ the discourse associated with multicultural awareness, but his awkward butchering of this discourse leads him to be even more insulting” (156). In “Diversity Day”, Michael offends his coworkers with a Chris Rock routine, which is brought up to corporate. Subsequently, corporate sends Mr. Brown to talk to the office about this issue, but the seminar is mainly directed to Michael. Michael instead attempts to teach the office with Mr. Brown, acting as if diversity is a subject he earnestly understands. While talking about diversity to the office, he calls out Stanley by saying he does not see him as another race and that the office is a “colored free zone”- creating an awkward situation for everyone. Michael often makes racist jokes, which counteracts his remark to Stanley since this indicates that he notices other people’s race and will comment on it shamelessly. Saying that the office is a “colored free zone” is an ironic perspective on race, since the majority of people do notice color, and avoiding it would only make the issue worse. By treating everyone as the same culture, it is not taking into consideration the perspectives and background that come with the minorities’…

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