District Description Of Franklin County Essay

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District Description
Franklin County was founded in 1779 and named after Benjamin Franklin. Franklin
County school district is in a suburban-to-rural area and is located northwest of the state’s capital. Economically the school district finical support reflects that they are on target with the state and federal average with operating school, including teacher and administrator salaries, textbooks, and other educational supplies and materials. Franklin County’s school district is currently populated at 8,476 students, ranging from White, Black or African American, Two or
More, Hispanic or Latino, and White, not Hispanic or Latino within race demographics. The graduation rate for Franklin County school district graduation rate for this past year was 80.1%, which was an increase from 78.59% the previous year. They are continuing to strive toward the meeting their goals though essential standards what will be implemented next school year.
The district consists of 15 different schools, which include 8 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 3 high schools. These schools are located in the towns of Bunn, Franklinton,
Louisburg, and Youngsville. All of these schools are traditional calendar schools with the exception of Youngsville Elementary, which is an all year round school.
In 2012 Franklin County was advised by the United States Department of Justice that the school had to be redistricted due to the Federal Courts and North Carolina General Statues stating that the district…

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