Discipline Essay

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J. Brown
ADM 464-Human Resource Administration Discipline in the workplace

“He that cannot obey cannot command.” Benjamin Franklin

Discipline is a tool used to correct and mold the practices of employees to help them perform better so they conform to acceptable standards. However, discipline in the workplace has more than one purpose. Employers develop and implement disciplinary and corrective-action policies for a variety of reasons, ranging from instructing proper workplace processes to deciding who gets promoted from within. It goes without saying that disciplinary actions should be taken only for justifiable reasons, and that employees should be treated fairly and consistently.
Disciplinary review and corrective-action policies
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Employees subject to disciplinary review also may be the first ones laid off during a performance-based reduction in the force. Employees looking to obtain a promotion and have a history of disciplinary and corrective action will likely be overlooked in favor of candidates who have a clean record. Human resources experts advise that workplace discipline is best administered in a private, one-on-one conference that focuses on behavior, not personalities. And it's important not to ignore the issue: workplace discipline, when properly administered, helps your business avoid many common problems and benefits you in many ways. The first and most important result of workplace discipline is that it curbs problem behavior. Ignoring an employee who is exhibiting erratic or dangerous behavior can result in tragedy; ignoring one who is sowing discord will lower employee morale and may reduce productivity over time. Workplace discipline, when consistently and fairly applied, reinforces the rules that have been established for workplace conduct and promotes employee morale.
When workplace rules are clear, they apply to everyone and they are consistently enforced, employees know where they stand and how they are expected to behave. They are more likely to respect workplace rules when they know those rules will be enforced, thus reducing the likelihood that disciplinary action will be needed in the

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