Descartes ' Meditations Of First Philosophy Essay

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To meditate is to abandon all previous experience and knowledge in order to build from the ground up. The purpose of this is to prove that all conceptions are absolutely true by specific claims. This theory does not believe that what was known prior came from the senses, because there may have been doubt. Philosopher René Descartes was the original advocate for this type of rational thinking. Born in France, Descartes is known as the foundation of modern Western philosophy. His book, Meditations of First Philosophy, aims to show that the real source of knowledge comes from the mind, rather than the body or senses, creating his own scientific method. There are three points that Descartes focuses on in Meditations, each arguing against the position that we may attain knowledge and truth through our senses. Descartes’ first meditation was directed at universal doubt. “To demolish everything completely and start again right from the foundations.” Descartes states this from a perspective that denies approval to ideas and beliefs that can be doubted; it show that science relies on a strict basis that lay in the mind, not the physical senses. Descartes advocated placing doubt in beliefs that originally came to fruition through the senses. The meditator reflects on the false understandings that he held as true and discards his former opinions. The purpose of this universal doubt is to show that all of the knowledge of these beliefs or claims through the senses is open to doubt.…

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