Essay on Dbq on American Identity

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Within the time frame from 1750 to 1781, historical evidence, as well as many documents, suggests that although the colonists at this time had developed a strong sense of unity, they had a weaker sense of identity. Leading up to the eve of revolution, the colonists had began developing bonds among them through unified acts against English taxes, the stamp act congress, and Townshend acts; also, organizations such as the sons and daughters of liberty had emerged. The colonists began to realize that if they all worked together, they could ultimately be a free nation, and they wouldn't have to be controlled by they English government in which they were not represented. Unity however, is not the same as identity. A sense of identity was harder …show more content…
They did not want to be ruled by the English monarchy. This mindset led to the American actions against British decrees such as the intolerable acts, Boston Port Bill, Quartering acts, and Quebec Act. The British helped spark the idea of independence in the colonists when removing the French from American land. This is proven by Military history of the western world (Document F), which clearly states, "…the French to our North American colonies was not the greatest security for their dependence on the mother country…".Lexington and concord also proved to be an American victory when the militia drove away British forces. It sparked patriotism, a great form of unity. In continental congress meetings, American unity was evident, as they began to strive for a centralized government, the ultimate sign of unification. Unity slowly developed due to the less prevalent identity of the colonists. A common identity proved to be difficult to reach due to the mixture of cultures and religions in the developing nation. America was slowly losing its identity as part of Britain because slowly it was becoming more unified against their "mother country."; however, it hadn't establish its own sense of an American identity due to the mixture of Europeans, transported criminals,

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