Computers, Convenient For Its Mobile Design And Wi Fi Capabilities

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Laptops computers, convenient for its mobile design and Wi-Fi capability, designed for anyone who is on the go, or a luxury device for home. A large number of laptops offer Wi-Fi compatibility and various applications such as music, DVD/CD players, and games. Some even offer camera’s so users can Skype each other from all around the world; these cameras are dangerous as they are susceptible to hackers. A hacker mostly works in the cyberspace and uses information on the web and techniques to influence cyberspace, who can watch your every move and keystroke from your camera, stealing personal information. Our dependency of easy access to internet on the laptop is dangerous to our personal, government files are dependent on our internet connection, and people have found innovative ways to hack into personal files.
While the average person does not always have something that hackers want, Bruce Shiener (2004) notes that a hacker can user their victims laptop as a “launching pad” for other attacks (2004). These is possible due to Laptops recording capabilities along with other useful applications into a small device and have a vast number of vulnerabilities that attracts thieves, we take our devices everywhere and the chances of it being stolen are high.
Criminals that benefit
There is a variety or cybercriminals that commit these crimes such as, the “juvenile hackers” and other young hackers are easily caught. Although, the ex-KGB agents, ex-CIA agents, or Israeli…

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