Computers, Automobiles, And Electricity Essay

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Computers, automobiles, and electricity. All examples of modern technology we experience and interact with every day. However, modern technology is more often than not associated with individual objects rather than the systems they are a part of. This is due to the fact that they are physical and mechanical, easily read and comprehended (Hughes 184). On the contrary, these devices are simply an ingredient of the highly complex technological systems they are a part of. The increased use of organized labor and mechanization in the first factory mills in the late 17th century sparked industrialization in the first American factories. These early American factories were powered by forces both tangible and intangible; each individual laborer was responsible for an important component of the larger overall system these factories were a part of.
The spinning jenny was the tool that made the bulk of the industrialization process possible. Patented by English mechanic James Hargreaves, the spinning jenny increased productivity exponentially (Hindle 188). Coupled with waterpower it was an essential tool to the factory system taking place. This influx of technology caused decision makers to employ new ways to manage employees to make sure they could adapt and keep up with the rate of production from the new machines. The first ever corporate textile factory was a village mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It was the first of its kind to introduce organized labor on a grand scale.…

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