Essay on Computers And The Human Brain

1395 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
It’s a popular opinion these days that computers and the human brain are essentially equal in terms of how they work. With the growing rate of technology, it may one day be possible for people to upload their brains into a computer, and essentially live forever. The benefits of such technology are huge. A failing or aging body is obsolete if we can become mechanical and still retain our original selves. Disease would be a thing of the past. Computers however, are not free from flaws themselves. Viruses, hackers, mechanical failure - all of it is entirely possible, and could potentially leave our lives just as short as they are now, if not shorter. To many clinically ill patients, it may seem a lifesaver, but for me, I’d rather stay mortal, and one-hundred percent human. Recently, hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, as an experiment, hacked into their technology journalist friend’s Jeep Cherokee – with his consent. Among many minor annoyances, Miller and Valasek cut the transmission to the vehicle. The Jeep came to a stop in the middle of an interstate, with a semi coming in fast. Fortunately, no harm befell their willing test subject, but he was certainly scared out of his wits. The point of their hacking was to show the car company exactly how dangerous their modern smart vehicle really is. They found a hole in the system that, if discovered by a more malicious hacker, could lead to vehicular tragedies involving anyone that has a newer vehicle. Hackers can remotely…

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