Computers And The Classroom : Why Computers Will Do More Harm Than Good

1124 Words Sep 4th, 2016 null Page
Since the early 1980’s, computers have proved to be a revolutionary advancement with regards to providing an efficient environment for the American educational system. However, one should note the use of the term efficient. Although computers provide a quick solution to many educational issues, they lack in providing an academic construct for students to build upon in the future. David Gelernter argues in his essay “Unplugged: The Myth of Computers in the Classroom” why computers will do more harm than good in educating todays tomorrow. Gelernter does not merely direct his argument toward teachers and professors, but he addresses parents and caregivers as well. The argument focuses upon providing the best possible educational experience for children today, and that can only be done by developing a technological independence from computers and the like. After Gelernter expresses his argument, he provides his own opinions on how to properly fill the holes left in the educational system through the use of computers. Although Gelernter wrote this essay over a decade ago, the arguments he proposed are even more prominent now than they were then. In a time where nearly everyone carries a mini-computer along with them, schools have tried to both implement and restrict technology in the classroom. In one of Gelernter’s examples he states how one might be able to create a program that would run students back in time through history as a solution to disjointed history classes. The…

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