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Instruction manual topic and audience profile assignment

Instruction on using the Microscope:

The purpose for my manual topic is showing on how to use the microscope and also the assembly of a microscope when is taken out of the box. The very first and most important fact is picking a title that is clear on what it is going to explain. Also picking a readable font is really important for making the audience want to read the manual. At the beginning of my manual, I will have the table of content, which is the most basic part that a manual should have. The first part of my table content will include safety, which in my opinion is the most important fact using a product, although there is not that much peril utilizing a microscope.
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The secondary research can include reading articles, magazines and other manual instruction on microscopes. I will try to do a brief description on most of the parts for trouble shooting the microscope. If I were designing this manual for a company, I would include information about the warranty of the product (if it has one) at the end of my manual.
Along with all these steps that I provided, I would include graphics and pictures to make the manual more understandable. Picking a topic such as microscope, which is specialized equipment that not everyone has the experience of using it, makes it hard to explain to a primary, secondary, and tertiary audience. His can be a challenge. The primary audience of my manual will be high school and college students who have some experience with microscope. High percentage of my audience will already have some experience with microscope, but there also will be a low percentage of the audience who might be not much familiar with microscopes. A lot of high school students have hand on experience with microscopes and already know how to use them.
The primary audience of my topic is people who do research such as high school and college students who have experience working in the lab. Also people who had taken some science classes and have some experience in the science field. The secondary audiences are people who may not have that much

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