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Section 7: Conclusion


China and the World: Scenarios to 2025


Given the importance of China today, there can

Wild cards are low probability events which

be no doubt that the determination of Chinese

would have a significant impact if they were to

leadership to maintain the course of reform will

occur. In the case of China they could include :

be a decisive factor in the global future. It is

A possible Taiwan conflict :

equally true that the support of other global

How would China react if Taiwan were to

players and their preparedness to welcome

declare independence ? For many years

China in its gradual rise in greatness will have a

independence was not an issue as the

direct impact on how China
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750,000 people. There will no doubt be earthquakes in China in the next twenty years but the likelihood of one that disrupts
Beijing’s ability to function is low. If a severe earthquake were to lead to a temporary power vacuum, or the ensuing damage were not properly cleared up, it could be a source of major instability.


China and the World: Scenarios to 2025

Having read the scenarios, it is possible to

Others could include :

ask after each one : “If this world were to come

Health crises and epidemics,

about, what would it mean for me?” By living the

aggravated by the breakdown of the rural

future in advance, it is possible for governments,

health system;

businesses and non-governmental organizations

Financial crises and bank failures,

to build robust strategies and policies that would

aggravated by insufficient transparency and

work in all scenarios. Indeed, it is even possible

political pressures on those lending money ;

to develop an early warning system on the basis

Mass social unrest where largely

of the scenarios to give advance notice if a trend

separate demonstrations meld into a single

becomes perceptible, thus gaining a competitive

mass protest.

Section 7: Conclusion

These are just two of many possible wild cards.

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