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Five Ideology's assignment
Mohammad Kareem

In Theory Communism would work and is the best way to form a government, but as this ideology was implemented in different countries and nations the reality has shown it might be very far from being perfect. This system of government as well as economy is also based on trying to create equality. Communism can be related to Socialism which creates equality by essentially sharing all profits and land with the community. Unlike socialism however,Communism believes that there is no need for a profit to be given to the worker or for land to be owned by any workers because it creates inequality and this must be done to ensure social order. A Lot of the communist ideology is totally
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There are a number of flaws he recognised in capitalism. He stated the Capitalism does not allow the worker to see themselves in their labour and thus not giving them their satisfaction because in capitalism most workers only specialize and do not see the impact they make on the business or trade service. He also said the Capitalism is very unstable because it is also failing and causing recessions and market crashes leaving people poor and unable to be helped by the government. With wages Marx criticized how capitalist used this ideology in order to get richer while the working class is payed little for their labour causing inequality and exploitation.In all Marx felt that Capitalism is causing a type of brain wash upon a population and that people are starting to be motivated only by materialistic things and wealth. By analyzing all these flaws he created his own ideal utopia under Communism. He was supported greatly by his colleagues such as Frederick Engels witch got his work published and spread to more people. Through both their analysis Marxism emerged which stated that through history there has always been economical separation and classification ,from that capitalism was born.It also talked about how comusnism will emerge from capatalism through revolution in order to build his definition of a perfect society.As contries adopted Marxist–Leninist the later transformed into Communist nations. Russia being the first of these nations.
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