Computer vs. Books Essay

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Luiz Teles

Computers vs. Books
In the 21st century, the population nowadays is dependent on computers to do everything. The people can’t live without their smartphones or social networks; everybody is connected in some way to the high technology of the 21st century. We need in some way use the computers, for everything that we do; for example, to search something, write a paper or buy things. People are starting to forget the real pleasures of the real life. This you will never find on your computer screen. They need to remember the roots of where things started. For example, one polemic topic that is discussed nowadays is “Will computers completely replace books?” I will start this discussion with a fact, the fact that books
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I am sure that if these kids are going to a poor school, they probably don’t have money to buy their own. On one hand, we can think that digitally books on the tablets will save the money of buying textbooks. If we are thinking only in the rich people. Because they can take benefits of this, they have money to buy a tablet; what about the poor people, that can’t pay for a tablet. On the other hand, these poor people who probably use second hand or borrowed books, can’t pay for a tablet. How they can take advantage of these “lowers prices” of tablets, if they can’t buy a brand new book? They will not take any advantage of this. For all these reasons tablets will not going to work, in my opinion. Books will never be totally replaced by computers because books are essentials in our lives. That’s why they have been around the planet so long. Books entertain people with culture, fiction, drama, comedy and whatever story we can find. It is one of the most common and known way to communicate in the world. That’s why, books will never been forgotten or replaced by any kind of machine; they have some kind of magic that capture the person to keep reading and reading. Writers will never stop writing and publish books because they know the essence and the magic that books

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