Computer Technology As A Tool Essay

1511 Words Jun 8th, 2015 7 Pages
In this introduction to Computer Applications, we looked at different topics in relation to computer technology. Among the subjects we looked at were a worldview of technology, various media websites for clip art, animation, and graphics, and using Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I would like to reflect on these topics and critique a classmates PowerPoint presentation as this class comes to an end.
When I started this course on computer technology, I really did not consider computer technology as part of a world view. I simply used computers as a tool. Having worked for an airline, I made extensive use of computers for flight planning and flight operations. Now I use a computer to attend school online. It opens up different opportunities and is a very useful tool. For me, it is how the tool is used that is good or evil. This core belief has not changed much through this course. However, it has been expanded upon and deepened as a result of taking this course.
Thinking about questions like, “what does it mean to be human?” did not seem applicable in relation to computer technology. I shrugged it off as science fiction. This question is an important question philosophically, and its answer has significant moral implications for our society; but in relation to computer technology, why waste my time?
At the rate that computer technology is developing, however, this question and others like it seem to deserve greater consideration. Not that I…

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