Computer System Proposal Paper

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Caring Hands System Proposal
Idalina Ackerman CIS 105 May 14, 2010

IT Computing Agency is please to present a computing proposal to Caring Hands to assist your business to run efficiently and effectively. We understand the dynamics that a small business in a competitive market faces. We believe that the home healthcare market is growing and maturing in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. We are ready to place a modern computing system with new technology to meet your needs to succeed. Having duly examined your situation, we are confident that our proposal services will effectively address all of your needs. Our goal is to put a computing system that will allow your business to access the internet, have sufficient
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These laptops only weigh 5.1 Lbs and measure 1 inch thin with an ultra low voltage for low battery life. An 8-cell lithium-ion battery provides an amazing 9 hours and 45 minutes of life away from the outlet. This feature allows the employee to stay out of the office and not need to plug in to an outlet in their clients home. Each of these computers has a unique protective device. They all come with built-in facial recognition. Since the information of your clients is highly personal, you can assure your clients that their privacy is protected even out of the office. The computers will have 1GB Ethernet cards and wireless adapters. A Bluetooth mouse will also be purchased for each laptop. The JetPro All-in-One printer/copier/scanner/fax offers single cartridge refills for cost savings. The JetPro also offers a wireless connection. The wireless capability allows for placement of the hardware wherever it is convenient for the work flow of the office. Geek Squad black tie one year protection plan will also be purchased. It will allow the owner and employees 24/7 telephone support for the computing system.
Microsoft 7 Home Premium is the operating system that is preinstalled all the computers. The accounting and server software will also be supplied by Microsoft. Microsoft software was chosen due to the user friendly and familiarity of the software. QuickBooks Pro 2009 3 user from Intuit, was the software chosen for accounting

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