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Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Consultation Education & Training Division

Onsite Consultation

Abatement Method Advice for:


Note: This handout is not inclusive of all standard rule requirements that apply to rule requirements for Arc Welding Processes


Arc Welding Processes

|Welding Process |AWS Designation |Electrode |Shielding Gases |Remarks |
| | | | |
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CO2) or flux |Variation of GMAW |
| |[pic] |Flux Core |generated gas | |
|Plasma Arc Welding |PAW |Non Consumable Tungsten |Argon and Others |Three principal modes: |
| |[pic] |Electrode | |melt-in, keyhole, and needle|
| | | | |arc |

Welding Arc Characteristics

The most common high-intensity arc is probably the welding arc. These arcs vary in brightness and in ultraviolet radiation content, primarily as a function of arc current, shielding gas, and the metals being welded.

There are a variety

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