Essay about Computer Media And Its Effects On Society

1171 Words Dec 9th, 2014 null Page
Computers are one of the unique abstract to our everyday routine to use to discover new things online. It can provide the latest news report, popular videos, information, and etc. Several people use computers for their own well benefit or for their entertainment. Yet, even though there is great potential in computers, it also exposes harmful content as well. Webs are focused on media where children ages from 9 and older can be exposed to this content (Source#2 Page#1). Technology is so advanced to this point that there are several of sites and programs that children are able to utilize for their own interest. Children who use the computer can become corrupted by accidentally accessing inappropriate content; the computers allow those contents to be easily accessible. Through these circumstances children are being exposed to factors that would alternate their personality; instead of focusing on principles of reality, computer media can be used to show explicit behavior of sexuality or criminal actions on to their morality (Souce #2 Page#2). Computers have several horrible effects that can ruin the children identity and personality in several ways, just like other technology we use today.
Computers have an extraordinary use into helping children excel in their studies, but it is not entirely accurate. In the past, we would see students being taught with only books and lectures. However, today we have several schools that teach students with a new method that associates with…

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