Essay about Computer Maintenance and Training Manual

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IT/280 Computer Hardware Fundamentals

Computer Maintenance and Training Manual

Contents Safety 2 Environmental concerns 2 What are the Benefits? 2 Resources 2 Power Protection 2 Heat 3 Dust 3 Static 3 Cleaning 4 The Tower 4 Monitor 5 Keyboard 5 Mouse 5 Internal hardware installation and maintenance 5 Motherboard Components 5 Power Supply 7 CPU installation 8 Memory Installation 9 Mass Storage Devices 9 Hard drives 10 Graphics card 10 Input/output 11 Windows Vista® Upgrade 11 References 13


Environmental concerns
With the amount of electronics used by humanity, disposal of outdated and broken equipment is a big problem that is growing larger with every upgrade and new
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When there is a voltage spike, protectors don't kick in immediately, there is a certain amount of time that is taken before it grounds the power. The longer this response time is, the longer your equipment will be exposed to the voltage. However, surges themselves take time to reach their peak voltage and a protector with a nanosecond response time will definitely be fast enough to catch the most damaging spike.
The other power protection method I am aware of is uninterruptible power supplies or UPSs. UPSs are apparatuses that provide emergency power to computer units when the regular power supply fails, like when the main electricity has a blackout. Unlike backup generators, UPSs respond nearly instantaneously to power interruptions by using battery power. Unfortunately they don't usually last very long, but they can fill the gap until a generator can get started, main power can be restored, or the devices are shutdown properly.
Heat is bad for all electronic devices, and unfortunately almost all of them generate a lot of heat when used constantly. Electrical components can underperform if the heat is too much, and some parts can even break if the heat is too much. There are several things that can be done to keep this from happening.
One of the best things to do is to make sure the computer has a lot of ventilation. This will allow a lot of air to reach the

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