Computer Literacy And The Internet Essay

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Observers also indicate that home PCs and Internet access may increase parents’ and children’s computer literacy and technological awareness and affect their activities, behaviors, and relationships (Pollack 1982; Venkatesh and Vitalari 1985; Moschis 1987).
Yet, children also have Internet experiences outside their homes. For instance, besides using PCs at home (36 percent), many teenagers use them at school (49 percent) and elsewhere (66 percent; Tapscott 1998). More generally, the so-called Net Generation (ages 2-22) has had life-long exposure to PCs and digital technology. Thus, many children are more comfortable with this technology and learn to use it at a faster rate than their parents. In some cases, children may surpass their parents in Internet knowledge and skill levels, due to their greater comfort levels with new technology, faster learning rates, and opportunities to learn about the Internet outside the home. These factors increase the likelihood that children may influence parents’ understanding of the Internet and use the Internet on parents’ behalves (Papert 1996; Tapscott 1998; Moschis 1987).
Despite much speculation, little evidence exists on children’s influence on parents with regard to the Internet. From a consumer socialization perspective, it also is not clear how general aspects of parent-child relationships may affect variation in children’s roles and influence on parents with respect to the Internet. Insights on these matters may expand knowledge…

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