Essay about Computer Fraud

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During the last hundred years mankind has witnessed and been part of a dynamic evolution. Changes, modifications, and inventions that have occurred have been part of what has enabled humans to communicate in a more immediate manner, this has been particularly ideal in our work environment . Information technology has been an essential part of this process. As there are huge benefits obtained from technology there have also been issues that have derived from it, such as ethical ones. Several acts have been established in order to have the ability to control those pitfalls identified. Mankind has acknowledged that technology is an ideal part of our work lives as well as our personal lives and has been able to identify and establish …show more content…
Searching for data online from an employer, prospect employee, or a vendor when considering a partnership in one way or another and obtaining factual data within seconds is an amazing benefit that information technology has provided. As with many situations and/or inventions occurs it can have its pitfalls. With information technology being readily available to anyone has its pitfalls. There are those that utilize information for illegal acts such as identity theft, theft of organizational information, and exploitment within others. With that arrays of illegal and unethical issues have arisen.

The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) was created in 2002. FISMA was created “in early 1999, a senior NASA cyber-security officer wrote an advisory describing cyber-attacks against the agency” (Rainer Jr. & Cegielsky, 2011). Although there have been several other allegations of breaches within their cyber system NASA has not confirmed any of those nor will they comment otherwise. The benefit of having technology by our government and secret officials is undeniably a benefit as this keeps information current and expeditious. On the same token there are those that have the expertise or ability to break into such protected systems. This is when the ethical and legal issues

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