Compare and Contrast Public Schools and Online Schools Essay

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Online schools versus campus schools, can one completely replace another? I’ve personally had the opportunity to experience both schools. Although they both provide the same outcome, which is a college degree of your choice of studies, there are advantages of one versus the other. I believe online schools are better to attend because of the convenience, satisfying classroom experience, and the cost and length of time to complete the degree program. Going to school online, you have more convenience in sitting in front of an computer in your living room. You can work at your own pace, and stop and take a break when ever you need to. You don’t have to worry about having to commute back and forth to school. What I like most is that I’m able …show more content…
The flexibility of your schedule is magnificent. You can pick your time of day when you want to go to class. All you have to do is keep in mind when your assignments are due and meet those deadlines. If you want to get up in the middle or the night to work on your assignment, you can do that. While attending classes on campus you are face to face with large bodies of people. For a person that is really shy like me, this would be a little bit uncomfortable. I’m not good at all with public speaking and do not like to be called upon. One day I may overcome this discomfort but for now, I will stick to online classes. Classes on campus require you to bring your books and supplies to class every day. Those backpacks can weigh a ton once you have all your materials inside. Your schedule is usually set in 1 or 2 hours per class. You have to be on time because some professors will not allow you in the class once his lecture has started. It would be too much of a hassle to for me to try and go back to school on campus because I would have to have baby sitters. It could be really expensive with having to pay child care and also the tuition for school. Earning a degree online could be less expensive than paying tuition for a campus degree program. Tuition will normally be tens of thousands of dollars to go to a campus school but attending a degree

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