Clara's Day Essay

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Clara’s Day

Would you spountaneously walk naked in front of your whole school?
Of course not, but just because you aren’t Clara Tilling, a 15 year-old student who one day decides to walk naked during the school assembly.
As a matter of facts, Clara is a very shy girl, but she decides to act this way because she feels very lonely and she wants to receive attentions from other students and from her mother. Nevertheless, she doesn’t succeed, since in the end still no one is caring about her.
The story is written by Penelope Lively and this text will discuss the characterisation of Clara, the relationship between Clara and her mother and the common theme of family problems.

The story is set in a school in London, apparently in
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In fact the Clara’s surrounded by people that just can’t understand her like for example her teacher, who comes to her soon after the nude episode. She doesn’t concern about how the girl can feel and doesn’t ask her why she did it, she just talk about school exams.
Another example is the headmaster. She actually tries to talk with the girl and she calls her in her office, but it’s suddenly clear that she doesn’t give much importance to what Clara has done: she asks her to wait while she signs some papers, but Clara’s problem is much more important and should be a priority. While waiting, Clara looks around in the office and observes some photos of the Head’s children and husband: the woman has a perfect family and this seems to hurt Clara a bit, maybe because she could compare that to her own home situation, which is not very good.
Then they start speaking, and it comes clear that neither the headmaster can understand Clara. She asks her if everything’s ok at home, how she’s feeling and if she has problems at school, but the girl replies bluntly and so the headmaster changes the subject. She doesn’t want to investigate more even if she has noticed that there’s something wrong with Clara, and she just says that she will send a letter to her mother to inform her of what happened.
Family relations is another important theme in this story, and we

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